Welcome To Sound Level Events

Who are Sound Level Events?

Sound Level Events was originally formed from a collaboration of various talents within Sofar Sounds Southampton. Sofar Sounds is a global movement which, over the past ten years, has spread to over 420 Cities Worldwide. Each City team is made up of talented individuals who have far reaching contacts in the Music Industry, as well as extensive expertise in Promotions and Event Management.

It was clear that the success the Sofar Sounds Team had brought to Southampton could also be used by organisations and individuals who needed to call on their experience, expertise and essential contacts within the music industry when organising music events of any kind. Having organized events and concerts of all genres, from Classical to Rock, and Jazz to Hip-Hop, the team at Sound Level Events have all the industry contacts you would ever need for any kind of music event.

Sound Level Events are pleased to work closely with a number of trusted experts. This means that by drawing on close relationships with such companies as BCB Media and Blackhill Studios, Sound Level Events are in the unique position to be able to offer a complete service.

Our Services:

  • Provide Artists from all over the UK (and internationally) to perform live music at any event.

  • Arrange and oversee any Corporate Event entertainment and to give you the right live music for your chosen audience

  • Provide Sound Engineers with any amount of equipment to run any event. From small private functions to large stages with full public address systems and recording equipment.