Meet Our Team:


Peter Nicholson

Peter was originally involved in music events as far back as 1994 when he started “Active8 Promotions” to organise and promote House music Events in Hampshire. He has continued his love of live music throughout his business life and he returned to live music after he sold a business and decided to travel to the USA. During the trip, he was offered the chance, as an amateur Musician, to play at a Sofar Sounds Show in Los Angeles. This experience re-ignited his desire to be involved in the Music Industry.

He decided to become involved with Sofar Sounds in his home town of Southampton and use his vast array of business contacts to further the music scene in the City. Through Sofar Sounds, he then met Steve Lowis, and together, they have been instrumental in producing sell-out shows time and time again for Sofar Sounds in Southampton and the surrounding Cities.

Having worked with large multi-national Corporations and City Councils, he continues to arrange and produce Music events of all sizes.


Steve Lowis

Steve has not only been involved in event promotion and production for many years, he is also a performer and guitarist in his own right. He released his first Album in 2009 called “Halfway Down The Road”. This was followed in 2017 with his album “Chapters”. He has been writing and performing since a young age and his music has recently been covered by prominent artists from the UK and Europe. In 2017, he won a major accolade at an international Singer Songwriter competition in Europe where he performed his own work. Steve’s contacts within the Industry span the continents and he has organised and promoted hundreds of events across the UK.